Stomach Pain

Clinical Nutrition for IBS and Gut Problems

Get ahead of the painful bloat, gut pain, and crippling anxiety
without long-term medication use and start looking forward to enjoying life and food again

You're here because you're struggling with IBS. I get's not fun for anyone involved: You, your significant other, or the toilet. If you're like the hundreds of other women struggling with IBS, you're likely dealing with:

  • Constant diarrhea and bloating that’s painful

  • Embarrassing gas that makes your belly hurt

  • Fear of leaving the comfort of your home because you don’t know where the bathrooms are and you don’t want to lose control of your bowels while you’re out

  • Embarrassing acne that no cream or skincare regimen can help

  • Confusion over what to eat because literally, everything makes you poop

  • Anxiety and racing thoughts leaving you feeling like you can’t relax or get to sleep

  • Fatigue that’s constant because your body is just done

  • Weight gain that won’t budge regardless of what you do

You wish you could just be normal like all of your friends and family seem to be. And you can't talk to them about this because they won't get it!


How you wish to just have normal bowels and eat anything you want!

You're in pain. You're scared. And you're not in control of your body. Your emotions are at the theme park taking a roller coaster ride.

With everything going on and how long you've been dealing with these issues, it leaves you feeling like you're never going to heal or figure things out. You're concerned about your future health.

What other conditions are going to come from this?

Maybe you're already dealing with some health conditions like hypothyroidism or SIBO or you're creeping down the path of diabetes.

You just want to heal! You don't want to be dependent on medications. You just want someone to tell you what to do!

Using personalized nutrition, targeted supplementation, and making some foundational lifestyle changes...and your IBS is as good as gone in 6 simple steps...

Hi there! I'm Bri. I'm a clinical nutritionist specializing in IBS and gut health. I want to share something with you. You can 100% get control over your IBS and maybe even heal it. You can lead a normal life, ditch the awful symptoms, and finally take control of your body.

Better Bowels in 6 Simple Steps

Step 1

Book Your Free Nutrition Strategy Call

Step 2

Schedule Initial Consultation

Step 3

Fill Out Required Paperwork

Step 4

Delivery of Personalized Nutrition Program

Step 5

Monitor Progress Over Time with Assessments/

Step 6

Ongoing Nutrition Therapy + Health Coaching Support

What My Clients Are Saying

Healthy Morning

Caitlin M.

Brianna helped guide me in small, simple steps to have better nutrition. She checked in and gave me support when needed. She gives quality information and guidance. Would recommend her to anyone looking to better their nutrition and wellness.

Green Goodness

Kristin B.

Brianna is compassionate and willing to meet you where you're at. She takes pride in her work and truely cares about others.

Food Blogger

Josette H.

Working with Brianna was a wonderful experience, as her expertise as a nutritionist and health coach supported my journey in healing. She offers a compassionate, non-judgmental, and comprehensive approach that led to positive results for me.